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Page updated on: 19/03/2020

With the current context of the coronavirus (Covid – 19), the safety of our holidaymakers and teams is our priority.

Due to these exceptional circumstances, the statements from the government and the health authorities and the uncertainty of what the future will hold during the coming weeks, we have made the decision to postpone the opening of our 3 campsites (La Sirène, l'Hippocampe and the Bois de Valmarie) until 15th May 2020.

The campsites will remain open until Sunday 27th September (instead of 21st September).

As our main concern is to accompany you in the best way possible, we have made these decisions in order to be as fair and flexible as possible during this time.


What are the government’s instructions to date?

The latest directives dated March 16th prohibits us to accommodate the public until April 15th.


What should I do if I have a reservation between April 10th and May 15th?

Exceptionally, we can propose to our holidaymakers either to postpone their booking for a later date in 2020 or to the 2021 season, without modification fees and according to availability.

We will commit to maintaining the initial rate* for postponed bookings for the following dates:
- Between 15th May and 18th May 2020
- Between 5th June and 15th June 2020
- Between 11th and 27th September 2020

* we will not apply the price difference between the initial dates of stay and the new period chosen from above.

For all other dates, you will be asked, depending on the new period chosen, to pay the price difference if applicable.

For the moment, the possibility to postpone bookings concerns arrivals planned from the opening until May 14th, 2020.

In the next few days, you will receive this information by email: You must respond to this email in order to make your request.

Due to the number of bookings that will need to be processed and the uncertainty regarding the duration and extent of the restrictive measures, processing may take some time. We thank you for your understanding.


What about reservations planned after May 15th, 2020?

We hope, like everyone else, that the situation will have returned to order by then. For the moment, holidays scheduled after May 15th are maintained.


Why have we decided to open on May 15th?

The progression of this situation is generating a great deal of uncertainty regarding the duration and extent of the restrictive measures. The financial consequences are already expected to be very significant. As you know, every year we invest heavily in our infrastructure and recruit a large number of employees to ensure a high-quality service.

It is currently not possible to envisage opening for April, of course for health and security reasons, whether it be for our holidaymakers or members of our team, but also for logistical reasons, so that we can be sure to have the essential supplies in order to ensure the smooth running of the campsites. The uncertain future also makes it very difficult to organise the recruitment of our teams, that are crucial for the successful functioning of all our services and infrastructures.

Despite this, we have decided to take exceptional measures so that you will not be penalised by this health crisis that is affecting the whole world.

We will continue to monitor developments, to adapt if necessary, the measures announced above.


Due to reduced staffing and a large number of phone calls, we kindly ask you not to call us, if you have any questions please send us an email and we will answer as soon as possible.


For the moment, here are the answers we can give you for reservations made directly on our website (if you have booked through a tour operator or a booking platform, please contact them directly).


If you have subscribed to the cancellation insurance with the cabinet de Belem (at the time of booking on our website), you will find below the cases and conditions covered by this insurance:

1. If the Insured has tested positive for the virus, he is then considered to be sick: The cancellation guarantee can be used in the event that the insured, his spouse, one of their close relatives, their replacement in the framework of a self-employed occupation (provided the replacement was planned before the subscription of the coverage) has been tested positive for the virus COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

2. If the Insured is in "quarantine" or "confinement" (without being sick):

This type of case is not provided for contractually.

3. If the campsite is prohibited from access:

Cancellation is guaranteed if it is caused by a restriction on travelling to the campsite due to the risk of pollution or an epidemic. Compensation from the Insurer is only granted if:

The restriction comes from a competent local authority. The restriction concerns a perimeter of five kilometres around the campsite and does not allow the Insured to profit from the environment normally and prevents them from benefiting from the services which led to the said rental.