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The FNHPA (National Federation of French Campsites) has just confirmed the following information:


From  Wednesday July 21st, the COVID PASS is compulsory for all new arrivals to our campsites. The proof of a valid Covid Pass will only be requested once, upon your arrival, and is valid for the duration of your stay.

Under 18’s are not required to have a Covid Pass until August 31st.


As a reminder, a valid COVID Pass means either:

- You are completely vaccinated, and it has been at least…

7 days after the 2nd injection for double injection vaccines OR

4 weeks after vaccination for single injection vaccines OR

7 days after vaccination for people with a history of Covid


- Proof of a negative PCR or Antigenic test of less than 48 hours - self-tests are not valid.


- The result of a positive RT-PCR or antigen test attesting your recovery from Covid-19, dating at least 11 days and less than 6 months before your arrival date.


You will find more details about the COVID PASS requirements on the governmental website:



We remind you that it is important to continue to respect social distancing and to isolate yourself in the event of symptoms.

Thankyou for your understanding.


Regarding the restrictions announced by the Prefecture in Perpignan on July 17th (that require bars and restaurants to close by 11 pm until August 2nd):


-Our restaurants already close at 11 p.m., so we have not been impacted by this restriction.

-The Pub Lounge will, unfortunately, have to remain closed until August 2nd.

-The Sirene bar will stop serving at 11 p.m.


The campsite is also making arrangements to help participate in the fight against the Covid pandemic:

- On Wednesday July 21st La Sirène will have a vaccination point on site, proposed to holidaymakers from 9:30 am to 12 noon without an appointment (remember to take your Carte Vitale).

- We are also studying the feasibility of setting up Covid testing on the campsite.