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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you accept French holiday vouchers?
Yes, 'chèques vacances' are accepted to pay the balance of the stay.

2. Are you approved VACAF?
No, the Sirène Holidays group campsites are not VACAF approved

3. Is there a TV in the mobile homes?
No, our accommodations are not equipped with TV. Available for rent in the Blue Bear Club.

4. Is there a dishwasher?
No, our accommodations are not equipped with a dishwasher.

5. How many kilometres are you from the beach?
The campsites La Sirène and l'Hippocampe are 900 m from the beach. It is accessible via a cycle path. It takes a 10-15 mins walk.
Campsite le Bois de Valmarie is only 50 m from the beach.

6. Is the swimming pool heated?
Yes, on campsite la Sirène the pools for children and adults are covered and heated (the large swimming pool is not heated).
The water parks of the l'Hippocampe and le Bois du Valmarie are heated.

7. Are the activities free?
Most of the activities are free thanks to your bracelet 'leisure pass'.
Only a few specific activities can be charged: Lotto tickets, giant trampoline, massage, diving, kayaking...

8. Are there any activities in low season?
Yes, on the campsites la Sirène and l'Hippocampe all the shops services are open, even in low season.
The activities are adapted to the attendance but every evening you will find entertainment and there are activities every day.
As for campsite le Bois de Valmarie, please consult their program.

9. Are your water parks open in low season?
Yes, they are open from the opening date until the closing of the campsites

10. Can we choose our location?
You can make your request in the comments when booking (pitch No., close to playgrounds, the pool...). We cannot assure you this location, but we will do our best to meet your expectations. The pitch allocations depend on the occupancy rate and the dates of your stay.

11. Do we have access to the 3 campsites?
No. Guests of la Sirène and l'Hippocampe can enjoy the activities and facilities of these 2 sites, lying opposite of one another. They cannot go to the campsite le Bois de Valmarie.
Those staying on campsite le Bois du Valmarie do not have access to La Sirène and L'Hippocampe.

12. Are la Sirène and l'Hippocampe far from one another?
No, the two campsites are facing each other, you only have to cross a road, secured by a crosswalk.

13. Do you have rentals for 8 people?
Our rentals can accommodate up to 6 people, with 4 adults maximum.

14. Do you accept dogs?
Yes, they must be vaccinated and tattooed and leashed on the campsite. First and second category dogs are not accepted.

15. Are swimming shorts allowed?

16. Can we arrive on any day of the week?
Yes, on the campsites of Sirène Holidays you can arrive and leave whenever you want (not just from Saturday to Saturday). During high season your stay should be at least 7 days.

17. Is there WIFI on the campsite?
Yes, there is a WiFi connection throughout the campsite. WiFi is free for all bookings made on our website.
You can connect 2 devices for the duration of your stay. Access is unlimited for 30 minute sessions. For a better connection for everyone some websites can be blocked (downloads, online gaming, VOD)